5 Myths (and the Truths) about Grain-Free Diets for Pets

As a pet owner, you want to feed your four-legged friend the best, and marketing professionals take every opportunity to tell you grain-free diets are the way to go. However, those marketing gimmicks can lead you astray. Instead of relying on them to guarantee you’re feeding your pet an appropriate diet, schedule a nutrition consultation [...]

10 Reasons Why Spaying or Neutering Is Important to Your Pet’s Health

As a pet owner, one of the best ways you can take care of your furry friend is by scheduling an appointment for their spay or neuter surgery. Intact male and female pets are at an increased risk for developing numerous health and behavior issues, but these problems can be reduced or eliminated by spaying [...]

Pet in Pain? 3 Alternative Pain Management Therapies for Cats and Dogs

When your pet is uncomfortable despite pharmaceutical treatment, you may wonder what other options are available to ease their pain. Fortunately, many alternative therapies exist to help alleviate pain, improve healing, and promote a lifetime of wellness. At Animal Medical Center, we offer laser therapy, underwater treadmill therapy, and physical rehabilitation to soothe our patients’ [...]

Dental Disease—A Serious Danger for Your Pet

If your pet’s breath has you grimacing, they could have dental disease, since most adult pets are affected by this serious issue. In addition to bad breath, poor dental health can cause significant pain for your pet when bacteria grows around their gum line and spreads throughout the body, affecting organs such as the heart [...]

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