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Limited Intake

We are a “Limited Intake” Shelter and take in “At-Risk Animals” if we have a Foster Home available. All Animals taken into our pipeline will need to have an appt set up ahead of time for an assessment. PLEASE NOTE we will ask for a donation to help defer the costs of taking care of your Pet to get them ready for Adoption. We are not the typical Humane Society that you may have heard various things about. We prefer to take a more positive approach on behalf of the Animals we do take in. All animals are set up in Foster Care; in Homes with Loving Foster Families who can monitor their day-to-day care. All animals have full access to Medical Care (if needed) by Dr. Taylor Williams, DVM. Part of our protocol is to make sure every animal is healthy enough for adoption. They will be: SNAP or Parvo Tested, Vaccines will be started, receive Meds (if needed), Micro Chipped, and ultimately Spayed/Neutered before they are adopted out.

If Meds are needed the Care Giver in the Foster Home can administer the Meds or share any specific observations while the Dogs/Cats can adjust and feel safe and comfortable. Our Goal is to get these animals adopted or transported out into Homes as quickly as possible. That’s why we have established many well known Network Partners with Safe Shelters from AZ, NV, CA, or another areas who have a high adoption ratio. By doing so we can further our Mission to help the Homeless Animals of Mohave County who are in our care.